Bad Drivers Symbolism

Bad Drivers rule the road these days. That's why I created this project in hopes to remind drivers how dangerous these habits can be. Each symbol is designed to communicate a message as quick and precisely as possible, while using ten principles of design.


These symbols were designed to create fact sheets for new drivers. Specifically drivers studying for their drivers exam. The symbols act to tell a brief reminder of the consequences of bad driving. 

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These images are visual references to help me better understand how my symbol will be sketched out. During this process I looked into different perspectives my symbol would be portrayed. I categorized the images related to the potential symbol I would be working with. These images are, in my opinion, some of the strongest examples of what it means to be a Bad Driver. 

My sketches range from least to most simplistic. The goal is to find a balance between simple but understandable. A symbol must be recognized and understood with the least amount of detail possible.

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