Pascal’s Menu Design

Pascal's is a local 'hole-in-the-wall' cafe and gourmet bistro located on Davis Island, FL. The atmosphere at Pascal's is elegant yet comfortable. They are inspired by creating a community through local foods, art, and music that they base their restaurant on. These elements are what inspired me to create the design for this menu.

Pascal’s menu was inspired by the hand-made qualities of the restaurant. (The owner once told me the story of how they hand burnt and glazed the wood on the walls to give the restaurant more character.) Therefore, I decided to hand sew Japanese book binding to extend the character of Pascal’s. I used a ‘sea green’ and ‘golden yellow’ color palate to go along with the health conscious nature of pascals food.

The book layout gives the viewer a simple layout of the breakfast section and breakfast drinks that go along with it. As well as a separate but cohesive lunch and alcoholic beverage section. I decided on this arrangement to allow the menu to be read with as much ease as possible. 

Here’s a detailed look at the hand sewn Japanese binding. Just another element that gives Pascal’s its unique touch!

Before settling on one idea for Pascal’s menu, I tried out a few different options before settling on my final design. Part of my process is to create a tangible maquette so I can decide on whether the design is working or not. In this case, I had too many working parts, and the menu began to get clustered. I revised my decisions and worked towards a more simplistic design. 

For this project, I just want to reference Underconsideration for creating such lovely and inspiring menu designs. I recommend checking out their site Art of the Menu for inspiration of your own! To see other elements that inspired my work, take a look at my mood board.