Experimental Work

nilknarF. Photograph transferred on watercolor paper. 2018.

The words in this photograph are not meant to be read but to be seen. Too often will we look at an image and read the text first, but niknarF (2018) allows you to see the typography of the storefront for what it is, not what it says.


Unbroken Continuum. Intaglio on Gampi. 2017

This work deals with the topic of death or memento mori. The words ‘unbroken continuum’ act as almost a poetic reminder of the afterlife. 


Eight. Woodcut block* on phone book paper. 2018.

A 100 year old woodcut 8 was used to print an overlay on the bold type of the phone book ad. The lines and grooves within the 8 tell a story of its own. 

*This woodcut block is not my own. 

Smithereens. Hand drawn typography. 2018

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” comes from the movie Gone With the Wind (1939). Each letterform derives from bits and pieces of vernacular typography found in the Tampa bay area. Here’s a sample of the hundreds of vernacular typography I found in Tampa Bay. David Carson is a large influence in the composition of the poster. Check out my mood board and you will see!


Here, I am exploring positive and negative space between letterforms. Understanding how they sit within the space of each other or overlaid on top of each other. Each composition is following one of the many principles of design. There’s a lot more to this process then it looks, so be sure to check out my entire process!