Branding Bayshore

Branding Bayshore is a project designed to bring a little flair to the historic Bayshore Linear Park in Tampa, FL. This is a place where many people come together to exercise, to stroll, and to live along the historic Bayshore Boulevard. The Bayshore logo would be used for any Bayshore events such as 7Ks and for banners that illuminate the extent of the sidewalk.

This is my final brand for Bayshore. Scroll below to check out my process!


Jessica Hische was a large inspiration for this project, along with a few others. The original plan for this project was to create a logo that was elegant but also modern. I wanted it to stand out but also appeal to the environment it occupies. To see the rest of my inspiration, view my mood board


To better understand the environment, I started by visiting Bayshore Linear Park. My research consisted of documenting any letterforms I found along the way. This included surveying some of the homes along the Boulevard. 


I also included shapes, textures, and colors that inspired me. I focused on the environment as a whole, observing people, animals, and just the overall ‘feel’ of the place. Each element helped me get a better visual of what my design would begin with. 


To the drawing board! I began sketching various ideas for the logo. This helped me narrow down what direction it would go. Will it be a more unrefined pirate feel to enhance the ‘Gasparilla Pirate Fest’? Should it be elegant? Modern? Playful and laid back? 


Presented are three distinctly different directions for branding Bayshore. I chose one modern, one elegant, and one playful. 


Bayshore will be hosting an annual 7K run. The poster will help reinforce the logo and give a better idea of what the brand has to offer. I narrow down the iterations to the final two options for branding Bayshore. 


The banners will be an extension of the brand, so each part must be consistent with the next. I focused on shapes and patterns I found while documenting the environment to add a dynamic element to my designs. 


Finally, I offered two very different options for a final branding scheme.

The first option focuses on a more modern Bayshore, using shapes inspired by the homes of Bayshore and other elements in the area. The bold color scheme evokes a feeling of excitement and energy. It is a look that stands out, giving Bayshore a unique vibe.


The second option is a more elegant, hand lettered logo. The curves are inspired by the curves of the side walk itself, the balustrade along the side walk, and the waves of the Bay. Overall, it encompasses a laid back ‘go with the flow’ kind of vibe. 


The first option ended up being the most popular. Many felt it created a really unique approach to a place such as Bayshore Linear Park. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion! Feel free to reach out under the contact tab and let me know your favorite option.